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The data used in the Filter By function is sourced from The University of Brighton’s database, Student Central records and our Student Finance recordsThe products are categorised in a way that mimics the ‘statification’ of students by universities. 

This site represents the collaborative work of 13 Fine Art: Critical Practice students studying at the University of Brighton, supported by the Web Design of Miles Skarin and the Crystal Spotlight team, and technical advice from Jack Hubbard. 

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Calum Louis Adams
Elizabeth Blake
Kaija-Isabella Coates
Beth Cooperwhite
Trinity Davoren
Molly Marshall
Katy McCaffrey
Lizzie McLuckie
Edward Pelling
Lily Purbrick
Ela Ruiz
Kofi Sherry
Amy Spragg

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Katie Warren
Anne Logue
Andy James
Katie Beecroft

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Miles Skarin
Rob Skarin

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Jack Hubbard